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Month: November 2001 (page 1 of 2)

Here’s a treat for those…

Here’s a treat for those who would like to hear the boy’s voice.

Well, we had a great…

Well, we had a great time on our little mini-vacation to the big city this weekend. We mostly didn’t do much but relax. G has been having that trouble breathing again and it got really bad last night so we took him to the ER. The doctor says it’s croup so it’s not too serious. At least we know.

Let’s see what’s been going…

Let’s see what’s been going on…. I haven’t felt good the last few days. I think it might be on account of spending the night at RED’S Marsh Farm. It seems like very year I come back with stuffed up nose and dry throat. Well, next year I’ll get to look back at this and know for sure.

I got to see quite a few deer on saturday morning. Passed up 3 bucks. 2 small and one medium sized. My dad shot the one (7 pointer?). It was so warm Saturday afternoon I could hardly stand it. Good sleeping weather but almost too hot.

Of course we celebrated C’s birthday and that was fun too. We just celebrated with the 3 of us and that was nice to just relax.

Tim, here are the wakeboarding…

Tim, here are the wakeboarding pics.




G is continuing to grow….

G is continuing to grow. He does this thing where he says “Hello, Hello……Hello….”. Pretty cute. Now he likes to get up in the morning at about 6:30 and jump in bed with us. Kind of fun but not when you’re really tired.

Feelings: At first C and I were looking for a girl with this new baby but now that we’ve found out it’s a boy, I’m pretty excited about having 2 boys. I think it will be crazy but a lot of fun.

We had a bon-fire last…

We had a bon-fire last night out at my mom and dad’s place. That was a good time too. The fire was just right. We sang some campfire songs, roasted some marshmallows, and talked for a while. Very nice. Plenty of stars and we saw one shooting star which was probably the beginning of the meteor shower that will peak next weekend.

C and her friends had…

C and her friends had one of those big kitchen-ware parties last night. It seems like they’re always having these types of parties so I was talking to a friend whose wife was at the party and he said we need to have our own party. I think that’s a great idea but now we have to come up with a good reason to party. If you have any ideas or want to show up, let me know.

You know what kind of…

You know what kind of bugs me? When a web site says, we are under construction or we update frequently so “check back often”. Give me a break. If your web site was worth checking back on, you wouldn’t have to put that message there. Anyway, I guess I’ll throw that in the pet peeves section.

I checked out today. It’s somewhat interesting to look at what the sites were like in the past, although some haven’t changed much. Here’s my company’s original web site from 1997

Our growth group last night…

Our growth group last night had a scavenger hunt. By concensus, it seems to be the most fun those guys have had in a long time.

It’s a boy! (he…

It’s a boy! (he wasn’t born yet, just the ultrasound)

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