Today’s Rant: You know what’s a scam? The flex plan. Whoever thought of that plan is sitting in his chair yuking it up right now. As much as I think tax deductions are a scam, things would work much better and accomplish the same “goal” if medical expenses had been made tax deductible. The way it is, you are going to always “save” less money than if they were tax deductible. Only a politician could think of that. So here’s the thing. It cost us approximately $X to have G after insurance kicked in so I put $X+X/6 into flex this year, knowing we’d be having B. Well, I forgot that we were using a certified-nurse-midwife this time. The hospital bill for B was only $X/3 after insurance kicked in. Stupid politicians! Now I’m going to lose about $2X/3 to the US National gov’t.