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Month: September 2002

Today’s feature….Great moments in British…

Today’s feature….Great moments in British history:

1. “The best argument against Democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter” – Winston Churchill

2. “Consensus is the absence of leadership” – Margaret Thatcher

I tried out the Six Dollar Burger (about $4.00) from Hardees today and I must say that it is worth the $4.00 and possibly the best fast food burger I’ve had. The beef was big and tasty, cooked just right. The bread and butter pickles were nice and thick, a good addition. And the vegetables were fresh and crisp, stacked under the meat so the temperature differential would last longer. Nice job Hardly’s!

New Pics:…

New Pics:

We went to watch the…

We went to watch the Brewers on Friday night with some good friends and had a great time. It was win-win night. If the Brewers won, we got free admission to any other game this season. But they lost in 12 innings. Bummer.

B is getting so big. He can hold his own bottle a bit. G and B and I all have had runny noses for the last 6 weeks. Big time allergy season this year.

G is getting big too. Last night I took him to watch the football game in the bike trailer and as we rode through the grass at the stadium he said, “Watch out for the dog poop daddy!”.

I also figured out something about kids toys these days. You know the electronic ones that make all the noises? Well, we were shopping and G said, “What does this one do?” And it occurred to me that all these new toys do the playing for the child. No creativity or even activity required. Just push this button. So I’m going to try to stick with the toys that aren’t so electronic. Maybe a set of tinkertoys next. Hmmmm….. 🙂

Check out my article…

Check out my article about the flex plan over at Relevant Magazine.

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