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Month: November 2002

I tried out a burger…

I tried out a burger from Tom’s Drive-in this week. Pretty good burger. Nice flame-broiled taste. Good Price.

A random thought follows: People have been using the term anal a lot recently. As in, “he’s really anal about his lunch break.” But I have a question. If someone is anal, does that make him an anus? …Just wondering.

Well, I did something really…

Well, I did something really dumb 2 nights ago. I shot my rifle without ear protection. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem to take a few shots without ear protection. People do it all the time. But for some reason my left ear wasn’t working very well after the first shot. It’s not 100% yet but it is slowly returning to normal.



Well here they are. …

Well here they are. The halloween costumes. If you can’t quite see C’s nose, she was Pinocchio.

By the way, I’ve noticed quite a few votes coming on on the quotations of the day. I’d be interested to know who’s voting.

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