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Month: December 2002

We went to see “The…

We went to see “The Two Towers” last night with 8 guys at the 10pm show. That was a good time. The movie was incredible. From everything I’ve been hearing I was afraid the movie would veer far off course from the book’s story but it was generally accurate. I was actually afraid it was too accurate and might be hard to follow for those who hadn’t read the book but they said that wasn’t the case.

Into the theater we each smuggled a can of Pepsi, and in the silence after the previews, before the feature, we opened them in sequence. “Chchshsh”, “Chchshsh”, “Chchshsh”, “Chchshsh”, “Chchshsh”, “Chchshsh”, “Chchshsh”! Oh yeah!

This morning B sat up…

This morning B sat up by himself in his crib and was crawling in place on the kitchen floor. He wants to get around so bad lately that he slides on his belly but he’ll be crawling soon. He’s also started to immitate us when we make a growling ‘ahhh!’ sound. What fun!

Short rant here: Has anyone…

Short rant here: Has anyone else noticed the surreal proliferation of jewelry ads this Christmas season? I’m so sick of it (Sorry C, no jewelery this time around)…Everyone repeat after me: “I’m Richard Kessler….and I want to be..*your* jeweler.” <gag!>

Yesterday I went to lunch…

Yesterday I went to lunch with my family. G had to go to the bathroom. I explained to him that we were going to use the Men’s room. He pointed at the other bathroom and said:

“Is that the grills?”

“Yes it is. The girls”

“And this is the guys?”


After we got back to the table he said:

“Are mommies mens?”


“Are mommies womens?”

“Yes they are. They’re women. And what are daddies?”

“Daddies are men!”

Good weekend. Got the…

Good weekend. Got the Christmas tree up and decorated. Got the lights on the house but there’s a small section out so I’ll have to check that. We had a party for G with some of his friends on Saturday.

It’s interesting to me: …

It’s interesting to me: I took a week off from work but since I didn’t really have anything to do during that week I think I got a little down in the dumps. When I went back to work I couldn’t believe how much better I felt! There’s something about work that makes me feel good.

We went into the “studio” on friday and started recording. Things went really quickly considering that we spent over 1/4 of our time on setup. Props to Mike F. for the use of the “studio”

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