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Month: March 2003

Well it’s about time. …

Well it’s about time. More than 6 months after recording began, the first of the songs of Half Nelson has been completed. I’ll be making some of the songs available on the web of course and since this is the first, you can hear it now…for the first time ever in the history of the world…Petroleum!

Have you hugged an Englishman…

Have you hugged an Englishman today?

It was a great weekend….

It was a great weekend. We had 2 days over 60° and yesterday might have reached 70° so naturally we spent most of it outside. B&G just love walking and playing outside 🙂

hmmm….up again all last night….

hmmm….up again all last night. G said his ear hurt. Seems better this morning. B will have a party tomorrow. That will be a lot of fun.

On the political side, I used to think that Tony Blair was just the British Bill Clinton. Mostly from what I’ve heard in the news media. But the way he’s leading his country in the war on terror is really helping my esteem for his character. Anyway, that’s how I percieve it.

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