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Month: July 2003

We went wakeboarding and tubing…

We went wakeboarding and tubing on Saturday for the first time in a long while. It was buckets of fun. Guys, I hope I’ll get some pictures for you here soon (read: within the next few months). I’d also like to post the video of the tow rope snapping and nailing Tim in the belly-button. Yes, it is funny now :-).

In child news, G’s latest thing is saying “Yeah baby!” He’s 3! If you’re reading this and are the responsible party, please tell me who you are so I can give you credit :-). Then, on Saturday we didn’t have any hot dog or hamburger buns so G said “Dad, what are we going to use for our hamburgers?” I said we’d toast some bread and use that. G said “Dad! You’re a genius!” He cracks me up!

Since I wrote about redundant initialisms, I heard one on the radio that tops the two letter offenders at 3 letters and 100% redundancy….’ELS Escort Limousine Service’.

And finally, more products of marketing geniuses that just make one wonder what the world is coming to.

Seen at Target on a product display: ‘Color coated assembly…’

Seen on a package of vegetables at home: ‘…high tech packaging to insure the freshest vegetables.’

We went to see Sixpence…

We went to see Sixpence None the Richer last weekend. I made it a point to see this show because I’d heard they were very good but I didn’t know much about their music except the songs I’ve heard on the radio. I went away impressed. They offered up some beautiful melodies with intricate chord structures and great musicianship.

But everyone else I went with thought their music was depressing. This was probably due mainly to Leigh Nash’s *very* low key stage presence (some may say weak). Anyone who wasn’t into the music was pretty much out of the loop.

Most of their music is on the melancholy end of the spectrum, which may be why they only have 2 or 3 radio hits and probably limits their fan base to more artistic-minded listeners.

One of my pet peeves…

One of my pet peeves is redundancy. For example, when people say things like “he used to be a former CIA agent” or “I forgot my PIN number” or “Where’s the nearest ATM Machine?”

The initialism redundancy has gotten out of hand. Now we have some businesses repeating the last two words of the initialism. Have you ever heard of DSW Shoe Warehouse or GCO Carpet Outlet?

Has anyone else noticed the…

Has anyone else noticed the recent ubiquity of “Certified Angus Beef”? Everywhere you look someone is advertising “Certified Angus Beef”. I was talking to a friend who lives in Europe right now and came back to the US last week. She couldn’t believe how much angus beef was being pushed.

Sometimes when a market trend catches on so quickly and so widely it really weirds me out.

Okay, a few folks have…

Okay, a few folks have asked lately so here’s the official list. My top 7 favourite bands in no particular order:

Jimmy Eat World

Jars of Clay




Caedmon’s Call

Little Benjamin

If a band is on this list you may assume a few things based on my personality and listening habits. Namely, the bands have had some commercial success and their songwriters have done something to separate themselves from the din of mediocrity. And of course I like their musical styles…

In other news we keep losing at softball but at least we’re having fun. I think I left my glove at the diamond last week and somebody decided it was too nice to give back. What are the chances that a dishonest southpaw would find it? Man I liked that glove. I think I’ll miss it… 🙁

I finally watched Signs (the…

I finally watched Signs (the movie). As usual, a couple of thoughts flow here. I thought it was a very well told story (I always go for a good story) and a great statement on Providence. Things might not be as obvious for us as they were for the Hess family but God is working in our circumstances just as much. I have enjoyed all 3 of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies so far and I think he is one of the really good filmmakers of our time.

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