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Month: November 2003

WOW! I just heard…

WOW! I just heard an ad on the radio for a product called Zim’s Crack Creme! Well, I thought maybe it was a parody at first but no. Lots of laughs anyway.

Shot a 3 point buck…

Shot a 3 point buck on Saturday. Our group got three total on Saturday, all from the same stand.

Well, I’m thinking the Matrix:…

Well, I’m thinking the Matrix: Revolutions might not be quite as stupid as I thought. Although I still don’t like the sympathy that the writers develop for the programs (as if they are equal to humans) and I wonder why there was no revolution (in a movie called revolutions). (Unless they meant revolve instead of revolt, in which case it makes perfect sense. Especially since those blasted earings kept showing up.)

Anyway, I saw the flick for the second time tonight and the thing I came away with this time is that the “Neo as messiah” elements are still present. I missed them the first time (maybe because I was distracted by all the Bhuddist Baloney Sausage).

Ultimately Neo died (we don’t know if he’s done living or not) in order to make peace with the machines. It may be that he defeated them in some way but we do know that humans inside the matrix that want to go free will be allowed to leave.

When Jesus Christ died, He gave to those who receive him the right to become the sons of God. He didn’t take complete control of the world right away but gave us the choice to accept or reject him. And just like the people enslaved by the Matrix, we have to believe to be set free. Well, I’m guessing that’s what Andy and Larry had in mind although it’s hard to imagine they did it on purpose (this whole series has been a world-view soup).

Signing Off for the night….Adam

The Matrix Revolutions [spoiler…

okay, The Matrix Revolutions [spoiler alert… … …]: First, if you want my advice, wait for the video. There’s no reason to see this small story on the big screen. After The Matrix in 1999, all of us were ready for a big story. The humans were going to revolt. They were going to break free and rule the world again. Even after Reloaded we expected triumph. Then, the title of the final installment was Revolutions but the revolution never happened. Instead of taking control of the machine army, Neo cut a deal with them. If you’ll leave us alone, I’ll take care of Smith for you. I wonder if the whole reason for making this trilogy was to make the biggest anti-climactic story in history.

I suppose it could be that the point of the story is that the machines never really lost control and Neo and Smith and everything else were all part of the plan and everything else that goes along with that to make it all obscure and mysterious. But I don’t think so. I think we’ve probably all been reading a little more into this story than we should have. In the end, it’s just that the writers didn’t know how to write a story that made sense in real life.

Well, I think it’s time…

Well, I think it’s time that this web site underwent some change. The peeves and quotations have lived a good life but I think it’s time for them to go. Mostly, they’re just not fun and fresh anymore. At least we can say we enjoyed them for a good while and moved on when we had to. If you have any thoughts on this, be sure to let me in on them. I’d like to hear them.

Part of the reason for this change is that very soon (not saying exactly when yet) we will be releasing the debut album of Half Nelson. Some of the web site for Half Nelson will be incorporated here so that content will replace peeves and quotations.

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