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Month: October 2005

Plumbing Link

A week or two ago, we noticed spots on our kitchen ceiling. At last, we called in the plumber. The plumber came in and it seems that the leak is from a drain pipe and not a water line so we’re doing some diagnostics to find out whether it’s a toilet or sink.

But here’s the interesting part. When I got to work I talked to a couple of people about it, and found that this problem is more common than one would think. KA had a finish carpenter drive a nail through a hose in his tub. Others have had drywall screws driven into drain pipes. The screws rust away two years later and now you have a leak. I think this is what happened to us; our house is two years old.

Switchfoot – Revised

Regarding Switchfoot, I have to retract my earlier statement about Jon’s focus on narcissism in Nothing is Sound. The record contains ample excoriation of narcissism — as did The Beautiful Letdown — however there are other and new themes with a strong presence. Most notably, the world-weariness of The Blues, The Setting Sun, and Politicians. These songs remind us that we all get tired more or less often, and they provide reassurance that justice will prevail in the end.

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