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Month: November 2005

Plumbing Fixed

We got our plumbing leak fixed. It seems the plumber didn’t completely seal a joint; the leak took a year to soak through a 2×4 to where we could see the moisture in the drywall. Now to get the hole in the ceiling patched.

Pilgrim Hats

For Thanksgiving, G and B made pilgrim hats.

Wakeboarding and Geese

A couple of you have asked, so here’s a link to the geese/wakeboarding video (it’s also on the anomalisms page).

Thoughts on Cellular

Miss Manners has expressed some of my recent thoughts on the cellular phone (or PCS for those who are ahead of the curve).

A key paragraph:

“Thanks to the cellular telephone, your friends are now able to reach you wherever they happen to be. But thanks to the little button on your telephone, you can turn yours off and let it take their ‘Thinking of you, oops dropped my deposit slip’ messages.”

So if you get my voice mail, don’t be offended. It’s not because I don’t love you. It’s because I do love you and I want to take the time to have a real conversation with you.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

Since the Christmas season is coming up quickly, it’s time for our annual reminder.

“Merry Christmas” is the decent, fitting, felicitous greeting for the season. Use it joyfully. Use it often.

Recent Photographs

Some recent photographs:

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