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Month: June 2006

JDEdwards Frustration

Given my sustained frustration with the JDEdwards OneWorld software, I decided that tracking the level of said frustration was in order. For your review, here is the first month’s graph.

As you can see, I was enraged twice during the month but the second peak occurred during a period of sustained rage. Towards the end of the month I was able to coach myself back into denial, mainly because I interacted less with the most vexing features of the software.

Burnin’ Wood

As I upgraded a client’s computer last week, I overheard a conversation. It sounded something like this:

“Hey John, how’s it goin’?”

“Pretty Dern Good. Say, you burn wood at yer house don’cha?”


“How much you use in a year?”

“Oh I ain’t gonna go troo more’n two maybe tree cords at da most. I just use it now and den ya know — usually whenever it gets below zero an’ stuff. Say, you know Jake Johnson don’cha?”

“Yah, I drive by ‘is place on my way to work.”

“Yah, I guess I knew dat. Did you see dat pile o’ firewood ‘e had in ‘is front yard? He musta had ten cords right dere between da house and da road!”

“Yah, I wonder what ‘is wife thought o’ dat. Well, she musta said somethin’ ’cause ‘e got dat pile outa dere inside o’ two weeks.”

“Yah, I’ll pro’ly cut up a li’l more wood dis year.”



I’m tired…

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