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Month: April 2007


Travelling for work is no fun. You make your own bright spots, however, so I always try to get off the beaten path a little bit. This morning I searched for the second day in a row to find a local cafe. Well, I found this “Backerei and Coffee Shop.” Well, I guess it’s a bakery and coffee shop (everything has a German spelling around here). So I got in there and they had a pot of coffee on with a little sign over it that said “coffee shop.” So it was mostly a bakery. Well I got an apple fritter and a small (only size) cup of coffee for $1.25 from a cheerful old small-town lady. Nice.

Reality Versus The Stories We Tell

A friend recently said that he liked the traveling, consulting life but his wife made him quit that life so he could help raise the children. Here we have a odd man. I propose that the reality behind his statement is one of these three:

1. He really did enjoy life on the road but was not man enough to work that out with his wife; so his wife changed his mind for him.

2. He really wanted to help his wife raise the kids but was not man enough to tell me that; so he passed the buck to his wife.

3. He really wanted to get a different job so he could help raise the children, but he wasn’t man enough to take the initiative and do that; so his wife had to lend him some of her backbone.

Or maybe none of those is the case at all and my perception needs fine-tuning. Maybe he really has brass but (like most of us) isn’t in the habit of talking like it.

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