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Month: April 2008

Indolent Means Habitually Lazy

Folks, it is time for us (to wit, some of you) to exercise a little diligence when typing your electronic mail and sundry on-line correspondences. My anger waxes every time I see “thx for ur time” and “plz, what r ur thots” and “thru ur last day.” This is becoming an epidemic. Is it that hard to hit the y and the o on your way past the u? You can even type them all with the same hand.

Let us ponder how little extra effort it would take to write something beautiful. Let us ponder how little time it saves us to settle for something so ugly, so base, so low-down. Let us ponder how little we care for our friends and loved ones, that we force them to struggle to find words where there are none. And after pondering, let us care enough to move our fingers that extra inch, and produce something that we are confident our grandparents and our grandchildren will be able to read.

Thank you for your time.

Watch for…

We have a new anomalism. For years, I have been forgetting to capture this, and finally J.B. had a camera along when the opportunity presented itself.

Watch for Gusty Winds


In case you missed it tonight, some drug company or another advertised their new drug on television. This new drug is called aciphex (pronounced ASS-effects). “Whah?!” I’d like to meet the company clown that slipped that past the marketing department.

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