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Month: June 2009

Flight 31 – Practice Landings

Today I practiced some more takeoffs and landings.  There was a slight crosswind (4 knots, directly from the left), which is good for practice and then T asked me to try to land after the aiming point, but within 200 feet of it.  There was some rust to shake off today.  I had not too much trouble landing within the designated area and on the centerline, but I should like to have a more precise roundout and flare.  I shall try to practice some more later this week.

As I was closing the hangar door, Aluminum Overcast (EAA’s B-17) taxied past on her way to runway 18.  Now that was a treat.

Once (or Twice) in a Lifetime Fawn

Yesterday, C and K were walking down our road and saw this fawn walking across the road and then hiding in in a copse of popples.  You could say it is rare to see a fawn this young this close up in the wild.  This is only the second time for me and I suspect most folks never get the opportunity.  Herewith is the photographic record.



K and Fawn

K and Fawn


Last Saturday, we had planned to put in the garden, but there were scattered thunderstorms all morning.  We had been meaning to find B a bike, so we decided to alter course, pile into the grocery-getter, and browse the rubbage sales for a bike.  Before we got out of the car the first time, I mentioned to B that it was an opportunity for him to trust God and asked if he’d like to ask God to provide the right bike for him.  So he prayed for a shiny bike with gears and one that fit him.  I mentioned that maybe he’d better say what colour.  So he said green please.  We searched a neighborhood full of sales and found only a few bikes, all too big or girls bikes.  We drove to a new neighborhood and found a bike that seemed to fit, maybe on the small side, in fair to poor condition.  B said he liked it alright and they were asking only $10, so we said it would not hurt, even if he only rode it for a year and we bought it.

Well, that was going to be his bike and it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for but he was happy.  On the way back home, I decided we should take the country road instead of going back through town so I turned left instead of right.  We drove past a house with a for sale sign on a four-wheeler and two bikes next to it.  C and I discussed it, and thought maybe we should just continue on, after all the bikes probably were not for sale and we already had one, but we decided we should stop and it did not hurt to ask.  So we stopped in and asked, and sure enough, the bikes were for sale.  Interestingly, the homeowner was my classmate in high school.  We said, “How much?”  He said, “Make an offer; whatever you think.”  So we said “$25 for the green one. ” Imagine a bike that’s shiny and green and you will have just the exact idea of what colour this bike is.  And it fits B just exactly as you would want it to too, with room for him to grow into it.

Next time, we shall all have more faith!

Airman’s Knowledge Test – Passed

Yesterday I passed the airman’s knowledge test with two questions missed.  I missed a question on steam fog and a question on accident reporting.

Flight 30 – Practice Maneuvers

For flight thirty, T and I decided that I should fly out to the practice area and practice some turns about a point and some s-turns across a road.  There was a considerable wind to deal with (30 knots) so it was good practice.  The GPS showed that my s-turns were quite symmetrical if not quite semi-circular.  My turns about a point were close to circular, but a bit rougher, so there’s some work to do there.

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