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Merry Christmas

We here at this web log wish you a Merry Christmas and sincerely hope that this week you spend some time reflecting on the miracle of God born as a man and  rest in the finished work of the Son of God and Son of Man — Jesus Christ.

Sunset at Oshkosh

Sunset at Oshkosh

Test Drive

The boys and I finished putting a new head gasket on and cleaning up the carburetor of the Tecumseh 3.5 horsepower motor of this gem.  B did most of the work, so he got the first test drive!


Food Justice?

I have not written about it here yet but I’ve been ruminating on the idea that justice does not need an adjective.  To wit, if it is justice, then it is right, and it does not need to be called social justice in order to be legislated or enforced.  This gives us a clue that social justice is often not about justice, but socialism.  Well, if you had any doubts about that, we present to you the newest justice — food justice!

Pumpkins 2010

Joe Smiley and Piglet -- Pumpkins

Long Exposures

On Saturday night, we had some fun with the tripod and some long exposures.


B and T


Top Five Smells

  1. My Wife’s Perfume
  2. Cool air flowing down a gully in the evening.
  3. Gunpowder
  4. Fallen Leaves
  5. Apple Pie


Ten is the number of reverends who would’ve had to faint before we would’ve had to halt Uncle Chuck’s wedding. Said another way, a minimum of eight percent of the attendees would have passed out before Uncle Chuck had to pause the proceedings and wait for one of them to revive.  If we assume that the couple were not going to pass out because they were too fired up, then we would mathematically expect 88 percent of the attendees to have passed out before a halt was necessary.  Thankfully, no one fainted and this situation is hypothetical.


Can you guess why this toy is priced for clearance?

Technology — The New Magic

Have you noticed this trend? The word “technology” is becoming a placeholder for any concept someone doesn’t want to explain?  This is especially true in marketing.  There is a new beer bottle with “vortex technology.”  There is a new camera with “face recognition technology.”  I’ve designed a boat with new “anti-sinking technology.”  I’ve added “human interface technology” to my latest computer program.

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