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Month: April 2010

And the Next Anomalism

Coffee Label

He’s in the Bathroom

What would you think if you saw muffin crumbs on a shelf in a porta-potty?  You would think that someone took a muffin in there and set it on the shelf and then took it out.  You would think someone intended to eat said muffin after it existed inside of a porta-potty.

Volkswagen Foolishness

The car company favored by National Socialists has been running an ad where one fellow slugs another and says “Silver One.”  This goes on for several iterations while the marketing professionals let on that this is how the game is supposed to work, but let’s be honest; the whole ad gives us the fantods.  Everyone knows the game is called “Slug Bug,”  yet the sluggers can’t say “slug bug” because that would break the pretense.  We can say with certainty that no 12-year-old ever slugged his buddy when a Rabbit, Passat, or Jetta drove by because he would’ve gotten a bruise of his own in return.  So let us stop pretending, and do not forget to slug when you see a bug.

NCAA Championship 2010

Duke Logo

Duke Logo

Mike Krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski

The NCAA division 1 basketball championship game was phenomenal.  I surely wanted Butler to win, but the whole game was well played and satisfying to watch.

G has pointed out this:  Coach Krzyzewski looks suspiciously similar to the Blue Devil in the Duke logo.

I have pointed out this: CBS just beggared the best tournament/playoff finale in all of sports — to wit, One Shining Moment — with Jennifer Hudson’s recording.  Apparently there is a history of rerecording the song down through the years, but man, this version sucked the hind teat.  And then, as if they were trying to make it worse, they interweaved footage of the singer with the basketball highlights, turning the finale into a music video about the singer instead of a montage about the tournament and its players. CBS will not get away with this travesty.

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