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Month: August 2010


Can you guess why this toy is priced for clearance?

Technology — The New Magic

Have you noticed this trend? The word “technology” is becoming a placeholder for any concept someone doesn’t want to explain?  This is especially true in marketing.  There is a new beer bottle with “vortex technology.”  There is a new camera with “face recognition technology.”  I’ve designed a boat with new “anti-sinking technology.”  I’ve added “human interface technology” to my latest computer program.

Packers’ Training Camp

M heard about Bart Starr for the first time.

We had a chance to visit the Green Bay Packers’ training camp this week.  The evening yielded these photographs.

The Tundra was not yet frozen.

The Vikings Starting Quarterback

Let all media outlets be hereby forewarned.  Beginning today — excepting the live broadcast of a Packers vs. Vikings game — any time we hear or read the name of the Vikings starting quarterback we shall immediately switch off the radio or television, trash the newspaper, or what have you.  We hold no grudge against said quarterback, but this story grates on us.  We have had the opportunity to exercise this privilege thrice in the last 24 hours.

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