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Packers’ Training Camp

M heard about Bart Starr for the first time.

We had a chance to visit the Green Bay Packers’ training camp this week.  The evening yielded these photographs.

The Tundra was not yet frozen.

The Vikings Starting Quarterback

Let all media outlets be hereby forewarned.  Beginning today — excepting the live broadcast of a Packers vs. Vikings game — any time we hear or read the name of the Vikings starting quarterback we shall immediately switch off the radio or television, trash the newspaper, or what have you.  We hold no grudge against said quarterback, but this story grates on us.  We have had the opportunity to exercise this privilege thrice in the last 24 hours.

“Here’s the World War I flying ace…”

The family had the chance to visit the Airventure Convention yesterday.  Here are two highlights.

Flying Aces

Flying Car

C and M fly, A is PIC

Finally, C agreed to go flying with me as Pilot in Command (PIC).  I think she just wanted to get it out of the way.  M and K also went along and it was M’s first ride in a small plane.  Before the run-up, K suggested that C might want to pray that she would not get sick!  It was a smooth day (that’s why we went) and I do not think she enjoyed it, but I think she didn’t hate it.  So now, we shall wait to see if her dislike at least moderates into indifference and then maybe someday she will enjoy flying.  I think I see a couple of opportunities for advancement if we could go on a double-date.  Stay tuned.

The Brat Dog…

…when a brat is too much, but a hot dog is not quite enough.

Brat Dog

100 people-miles per gallon

Even when you have a family of six, there is mischief that must be gotten into.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Parking Only

3.0, brought to you today by WordPress version 3.0.

Here is Irony

In China, the Chinese food restaurants do not deliver. McDonald’s does.


Rush was talking about the series finale of LOST after it aired.  He didn’t say much, but what he said intrigued me.  I had never watched that show.  So I started from the beginning and I have to say that I almost wish I had watched along with the rest of America.  This is a really interesting program, well written, and with interesting characters.  I had heard that there are hidden clues to the real meaning of the show and what not, so I am on the lookout for those, but it seems to me that the real meaning of the show (at least so far) is straightforward.  These people all have serious baggage in their lives and they are being given a chance to make some right choices.  The show has some interesting and touching moments, but the reason they are touching is that the characters are written like real people with real emotions, real problems, and a real longing for goodness, righteousness, and peace in their lives.

G Pitches Well

On Tuesday, G got the chance to pitch again.  J was pitching before him and had walked in a couple of runs so G was working in relief from 3 runs down.  J was heartbroken and I wanted to encourage him, but that had to wait till after the game.  It seems like all of these 9 and 10 year old boys take one or two batters to get zeroed in and so G did the same.  He walked the first batter, allowing one run, and then got two straight fly balls to first and a strike out.  He worked the sixth inning similarly, walking the first man, striking out the next two, and taking the fourth on a 1-3 ground out.  I jumped up from the bleachers, yelled, and puffed out my chest.  G got the coach’s MVP award for the game.

Now, the final score was 6-6, so it was a tie.  How do you score the game for the pitcher when his team comes from behind to tie the game while he is pitching and then the game ends on time? I guess he gets a tie on his record.

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