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Month: June 2011

Droid Classic?

Just yesterday, a friend said, “I just got this new phone, a Droid X2.  Don’t you have the original Droid?”  I wryly replied, “Yes, would the Droid Classic be a good name for it?  I can’t believe this phone is only one year old!”  Well, I had already been thinking about how successful the mobile phone industry has been over the last few years at speeding up the product cycle, perhaps a little too successful.  The problem now is that one cannot keep up and I reckon the industry has lost me.

In Case of Rumor, Break Glass

"What were we supposed to do with rumors, again?"

I have been spending a lot of time developing standards and procedures at work during the last several months; so I was excited to learn that Culver’s restaurants have their official emergency procedures posted in an easy to access location.

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