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Month: September 2015

Knocked Up?

Today, under the heading, I think he meant to say something else, we saw the following:  “Here’s an example chart I just knocked up.”

Why a Handkerchief? #50

Why carry a handkerchief? No. 50: Someday you will ride in a car with inferior cup-holders.  The inevitable result is a wet seat.

Why a Handkerchief? #51

Why a handkerchief? Reason No. 51: You should not wipe your nose or your face on your sleeve, and never, definitely never on your underwear.

Why a Pocketknife? #36

Why a Pocketknife? No. 36: When you repair your car’s headliner, you will need a knife to scrape the adhesive overspray from the windshield.

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