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Generational Deja Vu

Thumbing through some old photographs, I saw one that reminded me of a picture from my childhood, so I fired off an epistle to Mom and in short order I had a digital copy of the original.  Both of these pictures were taken at Bay Beach, Green Bay.  One was taken  of me and my son, ten years ago; the other was taken of me and my dad, 35 years ago.

Stuff 4-Year-Olds Do

When you have not had any 3 or 4 year old children in a few years, and the ones you have had were all boys, you are delightfully surprised by the things they do.




M’s first fish

Continuing to follow in the footsteps of her brothers, M has also caught her first fish!

M's First Fish

M’s First Fish


M Takes up Archery

M has followed in the footsteps of her brothers and taken up archery.  What a joy she is!

M Takes up Archery from Adam Patrick on Vimeo.

Bs-First Program

Today, I am bragging about B.  He expressed a strong desire to learn to program, so I dug up and installed Microsoft Small Basic.  It looks like a sweet little IDE for kids.  Every programmer’s first ever program, and often his first a new language, must simply print the message “Hello World.”  Some even consider it bad luck to do otherwise.  So it was an occasion to be remembered, yeah celebrated, when he ran his own first program and showed me “Hello World.”  Now into his second day, he is learning to draw with the turtle, just like I did.  He has a few years head start.

Essentials for the Man

Prompted by a recent post on the art of manliness blog, I asked two of my boys, “What two things should a man always carry with him?”  They responded, 1. A pocket knife, and 2. A handkerchief.  …good work boys!  I added that depending on whom you ask, the third essential is either a handgun or a safety pin.



Some Photos

Some Photos

Good Choice

It is a proud day in a father’s life when his youngest son picks out a film to watch with friends, and the film that his son chooses is The Great Escape.

Sometimes, When You See the Whole Picture…

...the background is more interesting than the subject.

G’s First Deer

G  shot his first deer this weekend.  It was a doe and he took her at 56 yards with my 20 ga. Remington Model 870.

G's First Deer

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