G: “That’s Impossible!”


I was previewing this movie that Ben Stein is promoting, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. G was watching along with me and did not understand the premise of the movie, which is lack of academic freedom in scientific circles. We had recently discussed the disagreement that exists among certain scientists as to whether dinosaurs were contemporaries of man, so I reminded him of that and pointed out that some scientists do not believe that a loving God created the world, but that the world just happened all by itself. G retorted, “That’s impossible!”

I could not have said it better myself.



Last night, I was up late working and I heard K stirring and whimpering in bed. I checked in on him and it was as I suspected; he was having a bad dream. So I prayed for him. As I whispered, he settled into a restful sleep and just as soon as I said “amen” and kissed his forehead he did not wake up, but he did put in his own “amen.”

Up at 1 a.m.


Probably, not many parents enjoy waking up at 1 a.m. to deal with croup. There may be mucus and upchuck to deal with. There are tears to wipe away. Generally the parent is working for an hour to get the child’s breathing back to normal, and so his beauty sleep is in arrears.

Well, last night I got to help B out with a little croup, but I have to admit that I didn’t mind the work. I sure felt sorry for the boy, but it was a special time. It is not often that one can be awake with his son — who is nearly five years old — at 1 a.m., hold him, speak gently to him to calm his spirit, tell him that his dad had the same croup when he was five. It is not often that on can wrap a blanket around him and stand out of doors under a moonless December sky in 30 degree air that is absolutely still and explain why he can see the lights of Omro, Oshkosh, and Winneconne reflected from the clouds, and then hold his son on his lap and rock him to sleep and lay him back down, knowing that he is going to be alright until morning. No, that is tolerably rare.

Going for a Ride


K went on the toilet this morning! He and I went for a little bike ride through the fields later. Pulling the trailer on dirt trails makes for a great workout.

Your thought for the day is: The purpose of a corporation is not to provide jobs.

G Says


At the Noah’s Ark waterpark where the new ride this year is Time Warp, G was standing in line and said, “Maybe they call it Time Warp because you have to wait so long in line!”