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I Want to Be a Patriarch Someday

Today, Grandpa H gave K an introductory lesson on a one hundred year old lathe. Is it possible that I could do something like this with my great-grandchildren someday?

Grandpa H gives K his first lathe lesson.

Grandpa and K get started on a ball peen hammer.

Airliners are Cool Too

Flying the airlines can be routine, but only if you let it.


The Sun sets over Illinois.

Clouds look best from above.

Clouds look best from above.

Stuff 4-Year-Olds Do

When you have not had any 3 or 4 year old children in a few years, and the ones you have had were all boys, you are delightfully surprised by the things they do.




Some Photos

Some Photos

Sometimes, When You See the Whole Picture…

...the background is more interesting than the subject.


"Why must this burden of saving the world always fall on my shoulders?" she lamented.

What Boys Say

"We're, scientists who compete," they said.

Photographs at Unplanned Intervals

Sunset at Oshkosh

Sunset at Oshkosh

Test Drive

The boys and I finished putting a new head gasket on and cleaning up the carburetor of the Tecumseh 3.5 horsepower motor of this gem.  B did most of the work, so he got the first test drive!


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