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Long Exposures

On Saturday night, we had some fun with the tripod and some long exposures.


B and T


Pumpkins 2009

It’s time for our annual pumpkin carving post.

Fantastic Frost

I took these pictures of a hoarfrost a few weeks back. The unusual thing was that the frost was forming all night and all the next day. You can see in the close-up how thick it got.

Hoarfrost Bush Hoarfrost Treeline

Pilgrim Hats

For Thanksgiving, G and B made pilgrim hats.

Wakeboarding and Geese

A couple of you have asked, so here’s a link to the geese/wakeboarding video (it’s also on the anomalisms page).

Recent Photographs

Some recent photographs:

Skydiving (Video)

On Saturday, I had the opportunity of a lifetime. C planned a super-surprise event involving skydiving with friends and then a party. The video is now available!

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