My Favourite Packers Player


Recently, someone asked who my favourite Packers player is.  I realized that I have not picked out any one player to respect more than the others and that Mike McCarthy has apparently done a fantastic job of creating a team environment where each player takes responsibility for his own actions, in public does not criticize others on the team, and is focused on what he can do to make the team win.  During this last season, I thought that the wide receiver corps was the prime example.  Each of those guys (Driver, Jennings, Jones, Nelson) was a class act, displayed character at all times, gave credit to others when things went well, and took blame when things went poorly.  And the quarterback (Rodgers) did the same.  Now that Driver has retired and Jennings has moved to the Vikings, we have hope (based on history and continuity) that this trend will continue.

Kudos to the Packers, and the wide receiver corps of the 2012 season gets the nod for favourite player.

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