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Kewl! Check out my…

Kewl! Check out my web site in Redneck!

We had a great time…

We had a great time carving pumpkins last night. We carved Mickey Mouse and Mayor Quimby. What do you make out of your pumpkins?

We’re fixing to put the…

We’re fixing to put the drywall in our basement. Yeah! I’ve been feeling a little off kilter the last few days but you know how it is when you really don’t want to stay home from work. Lots to do.

“All your base are belong to us!”

Pictures here: …

Pictures here:

Oh yeah I forgot, G…

Oh yeah I forgot, G and I went duck hunting on Sat. We had a beautiful walk through the woods and along the canal at Red’s Marsh Farm. We kicked up one duck at the pond but I didn’t get the shot off. It was much fun.

Over the Weekend: The Packers looked…

Over the Weekend:

The Packers looked pretty bad in Minnesota.

Got all of the insulation finished in the basement. On to the drywall.

G woke up early this morning with trouble breathing. I feel so bad for him when he’s not feeling good. I think it might have been asthma.

Well, today is much better…

Well, today is much better so far. G woke up with me this morning and he played nicely. He wanted to take my orange though so I had to fight him for it. I gave him the pear instead.

Today started off pretty bad….

Today started off pretty bad. I forgot my laptop and my planner and also my lunch. I also woke up late and didn’t make it to our Wed. prayer time. I was pretty frustrated by the time I got to work. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing today but I stumbled my way through it and things are looking better now. That’s what I like about bad days. They usually end decent.

G has gone #2 on the toilet 2 days in a row now! Now to teach him #1!

Well….I don’t have much to…

Well….I don’t have much to say today. Yesterday we got our new entertainment center but it had a water spot on the front so we have to wait until next week for a new one.

M will be starting a new growth group soon so that is exciting. He’s starting to handle more of our current group so I think he’s ready.

G went on the toilet today! I made him go before bed last night and after he woke up this morning and he didn’t go but that must have got him thinking about it again since he told C he had to go. Hopefully it continues….

Let’s see what has happened…

Let’s see what has happened since the last entry: I went duck hunting before work last Friday. Got 1 duck. My brother got 1 too. It was a very extremely beautiful morning.

Work is going good. Finally making tracks on this latest project which goes live in 2 1/2 weeks. Hopefully I will make everyone happy there.

C is starting to feel the baby move. It’s different the second time around. Not quite as exciting but that’s because we know what to expect. I’m just as happy.

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