What is Cajun Meat?

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On our recent vacation to Louisiana, we went to the local Jazz Festival and sampled various Cajun foods, amongst them Cajun Meat.  We asked Aunt Bama “What is Cajun Meat?”  Her response — “You drive down highway 190 and spray paint all of the dead animals orange.  Then, you drive back an hour later and pick up anything that isn’t orange.  That’s your Cajun Meat.”  She noted that it is a 30-year-old joke, but we thought it worth repeating.

A Recipe for Not Enough

  1.  Harvest a young deer.  This won’t work with an old buck.
  2.  Remove the inside loins.
  3.  Marinate for 24 hours in teriyaki.
  4.  Dice and one onion and get it on a hot pan.
  5.  After the onions have got going, throw in both whole tenderloins and a bunch of the marinade.
  6.  Grill till the tenderloin is cooked and the onions are caramelized.
  7.  Note that the only problem is you don’t have enough!

    Teriyaki Tenderloin

    Teriyaki Tenderloin


What Is a Potshot?


Your word for today is potshot because I just found out that a potshot is a shot taken not for sport, but to put game in the pot.  Can you say, “Hmm?”


[pot-shot] noun, verb, pot·shot or pot·shot·ted, pot·shot·ting.


1. a shot fired at game merely for food, with little regard to skill or the rules of sport.
2. a shot at an animal or person within easy range, as from ambush.
3. a casual or aimless shot.

1858, “shot taken at animal simply to kill for food,” in other words, to get it in the pot, not for sporting or marksmanship.

My Own Cousin!


Take a look at this relationship chart.  Solid lines are blood relationships.  Dotted lines are marriage relationships.  Boxes at the same level are in the same generation.

The chart shows how last month, when my cousin J married L, I became my own cousin.  I am seriously proud of this accomplishment and anyone who is a cousin of J, L, or S can claim this feat and be proud.

My Own Cousin



Since lean manufacturing is so important these days, the office manager at work asked us to lead the way with a five S office.  So we took it seriously, but we wonder whether our colleague is having trouble with the fifth S, Shitsuke (Sustain).

This man is five S compliant.

Google Translator


Anticipating a trip to China someday, I downloaded Google Translator for my phone. Google Translator apparently uses the standard function for speech to text input and downloads an additional module for text to speech output. It will print out the text of what it thinks you said in English and then print as well as speak the resulting translation. I’ve been getting some funny results withal. When I asked the translator to translate “It sure is hot out today,” it thought I said “insurance auto today.” When I asked it to translate “You are late,” it thought I said “you are laid.” Can you imagine if I were in China and asked my phone to translate for me? I guess this thing needs some work.

General Aviation: Fact or Fiction?


Someone pointed me to this far out video produced 40 years ago by the FAA called General Aviation: Fact or Fiction? You totally want to watch it. My friends who are plane nuts will be intrigued by all fifteen minutes, but even if you aren’t a nut, you won’t be sorry you watched the first five minutes, just for fun.

The narrator closes the film by saying “No matter whether you are the most experienced pilot, or the least, you are needed to help dispel the public myths that undermine general aviation’s continued growth, and to help separate the fact from the fiction.” It is interesting that the same message needs to be heard again today because the myths are being renewed, we might say this time more maliciously. The second video below comes from the recent GA Serves America campaign to remind the general public that general aviation is a revenue producer and good for a community. You can go to the GA Serves America site for more videos, featuring Morgan Freeman and others.