General Aviation: Fact or Fiction?


Someone pointed me to this far out video produced 40 years ago by the FAA called General Aviation: Fact or Fiction? You totally want to watch it. My friends who are plane nuts will be intrigued by all fifteen minutes, but even if you aren’t a nut, you won’t be sorry you watched the first five minutes, just for fun.

The narrator closes the film by saying “No matter whether you are the most experienced pilot, or the least, you are needed to help dispel the public myths that undermine general aviation’s continued growth, and to help separate the fact from the fiction.” It is interesting that the same message needs to be heard again today because the myths are being renewed, we might say this time more maliciously. The second video below comes from the recent GA Serves America campaign to remind the general public that general aviation is a revenue producer and good for a community. You can go to the GA Serves America site for more videos, featuring Morgan Freeman and others.

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