How Do You Plan Your Day?


I recently realized I need a better way to organize and plan my tasks for the day. Then, I realized I had a better way for that in the past. So started writing them down on paper with prioritized and ordered. There is power in taking the time to write them down, prioritize them, and then order them, and then mark them as completed, forwarded, deleted, delegated, in process.

After doing this in my regular notebook for a year or two, I felt like I was lacking discipline in this, and lacking organization too. So, I purchased a refill pack for my ye olde Franklin Planner TM.

I enjoy this method of planning. It helps me organize all of the thoughts I have for the day, and it helps me complete tasks!



At 222,222 miles, the old girl is just getting broken in!

Last year, when I bought this 2006 Land Cruiser, I wasn’t sure how I would like her, after several trouble free years with the sure-footed 2011 Xterra. Well, the LC is growing on me. I think I shall let her stick around.

Be clear and direct


Lately, in e-mail and chat I am seeing a confusing pattern of writing. Folks are putting their questions in the form of a statement, with a question mark at the end. This habit makes our meaning unclear and puts a burden on the receiving party to decipher the message. Here is a perfect example:

I’m sure he knows this is urgent since you and Buddy already connected?

– Anonymous

Is this a question or a statement? Is the writer asking for a response? It’s difficult to say. Do your readers a favor and communicate clearly. Use a period or an exclamation point when you are making a statement, and put your questions in the form of a question.

Do not disturb mode: blech


Here’s one of those ironies of technology that makes you stop and think, “Why am I just accepting what Apple delivers?” When you set up your do not disturb mode on iPhone, it now disturbs you every time it activates or deactivates. So, rather than having a small chance of being disturbed by a text or notification, I have a 100% chance of being disturbed by “Do not disturb” mode.