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Month: July 2004

Saw another road called “Dead…

Saw another road called “Dead End Road” today. This one was in reality a dead end road.

Also, I used to think that advertisers wrote and rewrote their ads, then rewrote them again. I thought they really scoured them for mistakes, made sure everything was perfect. This morning I heard an ad that had these two sentences in it: “…you probably thought that beauty, affordability, and quality was impossible to attain.” “…[so and so] Builders is ready for you.” So much for my assumptions. The very next ad contained this sentence “…now we have over X Ford Focuses in stock.”

I have two complaints about…

I have two complaints about LCD flat screen monitors:

1. You can’t slap the sides of them in frustration.

2. You can’t look at the reflections in them to see who’s walking up behind you.

Just got back from Key…

Just got back from Key Largo and D’s wedding. The wedding was lots of fun. Key Largo was great. Somehow the heat doesn’t bother me much these days. I enjoyed it quite a lot. If you want to see pictures, just ask. Here are some samples:

Not Quite an Anomolism

Here’s one that won’t make the anomalisms page. However, it’s still pretty funny. I found this ad “somewhere on the web”.

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