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Month: January 2005

heard on the radio: …

heard on the radio: “…fantastic selection to choose from…”

Once again advertisers prove that they don’t value their advertising dollar enough to maximize it’s value.

G and I were playing…

G and I were playing “chess”, at least his version of it which is more like checkers but with a few twists. I decided to show him the rules of real chess since he seems to grasp checkers already. I started with the board setup. 2 minutes after I showed him the setup, he reproduced it…on his own…correctly! Yes, I suppose I’m bragging.

Also, me: “So, what did you do today?”

G: “Just lazed around.”

Whence comes this wit?

G got a board game…

G got a board game for Christmas, “SORRY!: Disney Edition”. It has the standard four SORRY! colours, but the teams are Disney characters. There are teams of villians, cuddly animals, princesses, and heroes. In the very first game he played his Grandma, Grandpa, and Great-Grandma. G picked the villians team and Half-way through the game he bumped one of his grandparents. He said, “Sorry!” then declared, “Wait! I’m not supposed to say that. Bad guys don’t say ‘Sorry!'”

Also, LH has requested actual development on the “Bring it Back” page. I shall comply.

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