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Month: August 2005

Bumper Sticker of the Month

Best bumper sticker seen this month, maybe this year: “Give War a Chance”

Waterskiing Photographs

Waterskiing (MW)



What Kind of Beer?

When someone is throwing a party — let’s say a wedding reception — he always buys cheap beer, ostensibly hoping to save money on the party. You’d have to do a cost analysis on it to prove the point one way the other, but I think you’d save money by providing good, tasty, expensive beer:

1. Normally, people who overindulge don’t enjoy flavorful beer.

2. It’s more difficult to drink too much flavorful beer.

If you ever try it, let me know how it works out.

There is this nebulous phrase I keep hearing in studies about religion or exercise or food. Namely, “a general sense of well-being.” I executed a Google search for this phrase and got over 10,000 results. I found out that one can get “a general sense of well-being” from the following:

– Music Therapy

– Religion/Prayer

– Somatic Reintegration

– Laughter

– Sports

– Thermal Spas

– Nutrition

– Transcendental Meditation

– Peruvian Maca Root

– etc.

So at least you have a host of choices.

Blockbuster Sucks

Pop quiz: Name the worst video rental store. And the answer is….Blockbuster. Where else can you rent a video for 2 days and find out that it’s due back in 18 hours? I fully expect the Oshkosh Blockbuster to bust *again* within 3 years.

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