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Month: February 2007

Excessive Cookies

You know I like cookies right? I’m a dessert fan in general and cookies are No. 2 for me, right behind pie. Anyway, they have some good cookies here at my local cafeteria. They have regular sized cookies and dad sized cookies. It sounds great, but the rub is that the bakers try too hard on the dad sized cookies. For example, I don’t appreciate chocolate chips in an oatmeal cookie. Then there is the model I just bought. It has white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and peanut butter chips; I say that is not a good combination. They also offer a cookie with m & m’s, oatmeal, rice crispies, and almonds sprinkled on top; I call that excess.

So I may have a new theory of cookie goodness…”the classics, the simple ingredients, are best.”

I had occasion to find a certain Calvin and Hobbes strip today and lo, the first hit at Google was the exact tool that I needed — The Searchable Calvin and Hobbes Database! Somebody give the owner of that site a medal.

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