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Month: July 2010

“Here’s the World War I flying ace…”

The family had the chance to visit the Airventure Convention yesterday.  Here are two highlights.

Flying Aces

Flying Car

C and M fly, A is PIC

Finally, C agreed to go flying with me as Pilot in Command (PIC).  I think she just wanted to get it out of the way.  M and K also went along and it was M’s first ride in a small plane.  Before the run-up, K suggested that C might want to pray that she would not get sick!  It was a smooth day (that’s why we went) and I do not think she enjoyed it, but I think she didn’t hate it.  So now, we shall wait to see if her dislike at least moderates into indifference and then maybe someday she will enjoy flying.  I think I see a couple of opportunities for advancement if we could go on a double-date.  Stay tuned.

The Brat Dog…

…when a brat is too much, but a hot dog is not quite enough.

Brat Dog

100 people-miles per gallon

Even when you have a family of six, there is mischief that must be gotten into.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Parking Only

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