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Droid Classic?

Just yesterday, a friend said, “I just got this new phone, a Droid X2.  Don’t you have the original Droid?”  I wryly replied, “Yes, would the Droid Classic be a good name for it?  I can’t believe this phone is only one year old!”  Well, I had already been thinking about how successful the mobile phone industry has been over the last few years at speeding up the product cycle, perhaps a little too successful.  The problem now is that one cannot keep up and I reckon the industry has lost me.

In Case of Rumor, Break Glass

"What were we supposed to do with rumors, again?"

I have been spending a lot of time developing standards and procedures at work during the last several months; so I was excited to learn that Culver’s restaurants have their official emergency procedures posted in an easy to access location.


Since lean manufacturing is so important these days, the office manager at work asked us to lead the way with a five S office.  So we took it seriously, but we wonder whether our colleague is having trouble with the fifth S, Shitsuke (Sustain).

This man is five S compliant.

Photographs at Unplanned Intervals

Wisconsin Spring

As it is written, thou shalt love Wisconsin weather; for when the Springtime cometh, verily there shall be four types of precipitation to water the plain, yea five shall bring variety to the landscape of the state. There shall be rain at eventide and sleet at the ending of the day; there shall be hail during the first watch of the night and thunder shall be the punctuation thereof; moreover, the morning shall return rejoicing, bringing his sleet with him, and he shall give snow sufficient unto the next two-score and eight hours, in varieties sufficient to the pleasing of an Eskimo, and it shall come to pass, after seven cold, calm days and seven cold, calm nights, there shall be Spring.

Go Pack! Go!

Today, we give three cheers for the Pack.  “Huzzah!  Huzzah!  Huzzah!”

Coming up: “The Big Game”

You probably have noticed that since the NFL started enforcing their trademarks on team names and the “Super Bowl” (several years ago) that advertisers who still want to profit from it will use replacement phrases. This is not all that new. For example, I recently heard an advertisement for a local furniture and electronics store that started with “Green Bay is in the Big Game…” Well, what I have started to notice just recently is that regular folks will use this phrasing too.  For example, news media are not restricted from saying “super bowl” but they will say “the big game” just the same.  I just received an epistle from an acquaintance who wrote “…especially with the big game coming up…”

Furthermore, “Go Green and Gold!”  I mean, “Go the major league football team from Green Bay!”  I mean, “Go Packers!”

The Christmas Card that Was Not

C had a vision for our Christmas card this year.  The children would hold foot-high wooden letters that spelled “JOY!” and everyone could see our newest addition and it would be warm and Christmassy.   It was my job to execute the photography, but as my readers with children have anticipated, things did not go as planned.  In the end, we had to fall back on plan B, individual head shots.  On to designing the card….well, C was having trouble putting the plan B card together, since it was not her vision.  Furthermore, it was getting late at night.  So I told her to go to bed and I should have ten card options for her by morning.  If you got our card in the mail, the card you saw was her first choice and my second.  It has the same caption as this card — my first choice and her second — but that caption has a truly ironic punch on this card.  C said that if it were not M’s first Christmas, we would have chosen it, just to stick a finger in the eye of the Christmas Card tradition.  I agreed.  Anyway, you get to see it here.

Merry Christmas!

Customer Support Cares

Seen whilst starting an on-line chat support session with my local ERP software provider…read it carefully: “At this moment no agent is available to respond to your question. Regret the inconvenience this may have caused you.”

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