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Month: May 2012

Medical Costs

Reviewing the most recent bundle of medical bills, we find the following contrast instructive:

  • Cost to see the family doctor and be tested and treated for strep throat: $275
  • Cost to see the quick-care doctor (at Wal-Mart) and be tested and treated for strep throat: $65

Both offices are members of medical group X.



Bs-First Program

Today, I am bragging about B.  He expressed a strong desire to learn to program, so I dug up and installed Microsoft Small Basic.  It looks like a sweet little IDE for kids.  Every programmer’s first ever program, and often his first a new language, must simply print the message “Hello World.”  Some even consider it bad luck to do otherwise.  So it was an occasion to be remembered, yeah celebrated, when he ran his own first program and showed me “Hello World.”  Now into his second day, he is learning to draw with the turtle, just like I did.  He has a few years head start.

Mediocre Quotation of the Day

J says, “80% is mediocracy.”

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