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Month: January 2013


Recombobulation?  It is not in the dictionary.  The word, however, strategically used by somebody in the management of the Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport, provided us with a chuckle last weekend.   As we completed the TSA security checks, we were comforted by the sign indicating that we were at the “Recombobulation Area” and would be able to sit down, gather our belongings, compose our thoughts, and then move on to our boarding gate.

The Oshkosh Cheesesteak…

A few weeks ago, K recalled the brat dog and said it was time to invent another sandwich.  At the moment, I didn’t feel like inventing a sandwich, so I said the inspiration would come precisely at our time of need.  Last week, we produced what we think is a unique sandwich, named it the Oshkosh cheesesteak, and defined it like so: venison steak, cheddar cheese, fried onions, and fried bell peppers on wheat bread, grilled.  It was delicious!


Oshkosh cheesesteak

The Oshkosh cheesesteak is quick, easy, and savory!

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