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No Ethanol?

Today, we observed the following sign.  I do not think this is a true statement.

No Ethanol?

No Ethanol?

When the Spell Checker Lets You Down…

When the spell-checker doesn't help.

When the spell checker lets you down…

In Case of Rumor, Break Glass

"What were we supposed to do with rumors, again?"

I have been spending a lot of time developing standards and procedures at work during the last several months; so I was excited to learn that Culver’s restaurants have their official emergency procedures posted in an easy to access location.


Can you guess why this toy is priced for clearance?

And the Next Anomalism

Coffee Label

Yet another Anomalism

Two days ago, a friend reminded me that I had this photograph from a few years back and I realized it qualifies for anomalism status.

Parachute in the Cornfield

Watch for…

We have a new anomalism. For years, I have been forgetting to capture this, and finally J.B. had a camera along when the opportunity presented itself.

Watch for Gusty Winds

Romanian Anomalisms

BB just got back from a visit to Romania. He shared many stories. These photos illustrate three of the more humorous ones. (Click the images to see larger versions.)

They said, “This is a Communist corn crib.”

Communist corn crib.

I am flummoxed; nearly all of the houses have outdoor plumbing. The same folks drawing water from these wells in buckets, own cellular phones.

Communist corn crib.

I think this picture explains itself.

Communist corn crib.

Mr. Yuck!

We have a new anomalism. We’ll label this one Mr. Yuck.

Wakeboarding and Geese

A couple of you have asked, so here’s a link to the geese/wakeboarding video (it’s also on the anomalisms page).

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