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Month: May 2002 (page 1 of 2)

The First Infinite Loop

Yet another axiom regarding programming and infinite loops. I’m on a roll this week…postulating and taking names!

The archetypal infinite loop was written on shampoo bottles in days of old:


Programmers have been following this first model from the beginning, proving once again that “there is nothing new under the sun.”

B didn’t sleep straight through last night but almost. Still I feel refreshed and I can’t help grinning big when I watch those boys sleep in the morning before I leave for work.

Doughnuts More Deadly than Cigarettes

There’s a new axiom in the mix regarding the relative safety of smoking cigarettes vs. eating doughnuts.

So smoking a lot of cigarettes can kill you after a while. But now the health nazis are going to move on to fatty foods.

They should have gone after doughnuts first. Why? Because doughnuts are more deadly than tobacco. Crazy? Let’s do a study to find out: We’ll take 3 people. Tobacco smoker, Doughnut eater, and control. The smoker will smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. The eater will eat the same number (20) of doughnuts a day. The control will do neither. Who do you think will die first?

B slept through the night!…

B slept through the night! Hallelujah!

In other news, the softball team is still O-fer (5). On the positive side, 3 of those were by 1 run. Maybe that means we’ll do better in the second half of the season. The other teams say we’re better than 0-5.

We did some Memorial Day…

We did some Memorial Day camping over the weekend. We all relaxed, got some sleep and recovered from our colds. And G caught 2 bluegill. Now back to the old grind :).

Initially, I planned to devise…

Initially, I planned to devise a complex algorithm to remove pet peeves from the list when they got too old without getting many votes. This would have been done so more peeves could be added without overly complecting the list, rendering it inaccurate due to new peeves getting less votes. However, I think we have a fairly comprehensive list here already so I’m going to purge it manually today. I don’t think we’ll receive a huge volume of new peeves since the big ones are covered. Any new ones we do get will be added and, I think, get a fair shake.

Also, there appears to be some ballot stuffing going on. “Irregardless” has nearly twice the votes of “SPAM”. Do I care? Not really. 🙂

BTW, B is fine. …

BTW, B is fine. Of course. Just a cold, which is admittedly disturbing when he gets stuffed up and doesn’t like it.

Lyrics for Deja Vu are up.

B is going to the…

B is going to the doctor today. He has a cold and the doctor wants to see him just because he’s so young. I hope he’s not going unnecessarily. It seems a bit overdone but we’ll see what the results are.

Word for the week:…

Word for the week: Bollix, roughly meaning “royally screw up”. Another great word that sounds like what it means. 🙂

New song: Deja Vu….

New song: Deja Vu. Lyrics to come soon…

Tell me what you think.

Short weekend. Even though…

Short weekend. Even though it was 4 days. We went to the children’s museum with my sister and the boys on Thursday. Bachelor and bachelorette parties on Friday evening. Dinner with some folks from Oracular on Saturday. And a busy Mother’s Day yesterday.

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