WOW! Trees down everywhere,…

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WOW! Trees down everywhere, sewers backing up. Pretty impressive for Oshburg. 70mph sustained winds, gusts up to 90mph. We stayed up and watched the storm. The power went out at 9:30pm. We stayed up till 12am watching the sump and everything seemed pretty stable so we went to bed. We woke up at 2am to check the sump and found the drains in the basement running in reverse. The first thing we did was take everything upstairs that was within 3 feet of the floor that had any value. We didn’t get the holes plugged until 4am and by that time there was over a foot of sewer backup in the basement. God provided a generator for us so we started pumping at about that same time and got all the water out by 8 or 9. Now it just needs to be dried and cleaned really well. The question will be whether to clean the carpet or replace it. A few things got wet but they should be okay when they dry out. Under the circumstances thing worked out pretty well.

All told, we got about 3.5 hours of sleep yesterday.