I watched 2 movies recently…. -…


I watched 2 movies recently….

– The Rookie: A very well done baseball movie that I enjoyed thoroughly and would be happy to watch with my young son.

– The Count of Monte Cristo: Most of the story was fine and followed the themes and spirit of the book just fine (Dantes’ revenge was the main point). But the movie ends completely opposite the book. Dantes learns forgiveness in the movie and thus gets Mercedes back, but if you’ve read the book you know he doesn’t learn to forgive so he can’t have Mercedes. The movie brings God into the equation a lot more than the book and this makes the forgiveness more credible but I like the way the book gets the point across better. The scenery was great and the action scenes had some great shots which made it enjoyable but the ending had a high cheese factor. Everybody that I’ve talked to who’s read the book didn’t like the movie and everyone I’ve talked to who hasn’t read the book like the movie. So there you have it.