Thursday: We went to…


Thursday: We went to Grand Case to ride the Sea World Explorer half-submarine where we saw quite a few fish but mostly the same varieties that we saw while snorkeling (except the stingray) and the bonus of sea-sickness so I’ll have to give snorkeling the better grade. But on the pier we met 2 gents who perfectly reminded us of C’s grandpa and his friend Ron. 2 cronies off to hang out whilst their wives lounge on the beach. We had some great pizza at the Good Fellas cafi and then sat on the beach for a while longer before heading over to Chesterfield’s for a great seafood supper in Phillipsburg. We went to supper with a couple (June and Bob) who were about our parents’ age. We met them on the flight into St. Maarten.

Friday: On the way home we stopped for a breakfast pastry in Simpson Bay and one last shop-around in Philipsburg. We cooled off with some iced beverages at the Kangaroo Court and then headed back to drop off the car, check in for our flight and take off on time!

It occurred to me that flying is an exercise in putting one’s faith into the proper object. Most people are at least somewhat timid about flying and some are terrified about it because of the kind of news we generally hear about flying. We forget about the millions who fly long, safe distances every day. But flying is quite safe when you compare deaths per person per mile traveled. Whether you’re scared or not, the pilot will get you there safely but notice how the flight attendants are perfectly comfortable. They know the object of their faith more intimately and so have greater trust.

We got back to Chicago 30 minutes early and made up a little bit for the outbound flight. When we got home it was easy to tell by the looks on their faces that the boys missed us and we missed them too, but they had a good time and so did we.

The End.