We went to see “The…


We went to see “The Matrix: reloaded” on Saturday. Contrary to the naysayers, I think this movie had plenty of steak for the brain. The naysayers say the movie explained everything too much and didn’t trust the audience to think. I say they aren’t thinking enough about it and there’s almost too much that was left unsaid. But here are a few of my theories about “reality” in the world of the Matrix. Of course we’ll have to wait for the 2nd viewing of reloaded or even for revolutions to refine them or validate them. But here goes:

Reality is (choose 1 or a combo):

  1. The “real world” is actually just version 5 of the matrix. (seems pretty likely based on the monologue of the source.)
  2. The “real world” is actually the matrix and the matrix is actually the *real* world. (this would require some whole other really weird plot and seems pretty unlikely…)
  3. The “real world” and “the matrix” are actually two separate machines using the humans as their creatively intelligent pawns in a chess match. (seems possible. Remember the source said Neo would take 23 humans to repopulate zion after it was destroyed. Read: another game in the match.)
  4. The matrix is actually a computer simulation run by humans to find out what will happen if they create sentient machines. (too much like The Devil’s Advocate so it seems far fetched)

Other thoughts:

– Neo and that other guy in the coma at the end were both infected by smith and both came in contact with the sentinels. There could be something there.

– We have to remember that at this point we probably can’t trust anybody but Neo. The councilman from Zion really sounded like some sort of Agent, especially when you consider how willingly he followed Morpheus and the Oracle.