OK, after reading…


OK, after reading a transcript of the convo between Neo and the Architect, I think I might have a pretty good idea of the meaning behind the lies of the Architect. Here goes:

– First, “the Choice” is whether to accept the matrix or not. The ironic part is that if you reject the matrix, you end up in Zion, which we expect will be just another part of the matrix. (There is a possibility that Zion actually does exist in the real world and the Neo has figured out how to hack the matrix via wireless internet.) Every human in Zion is a [fractional] anomoly (i.e. they have rejected the matrix). Neo is the integral anomaly, so they (the Architect, the Oracle, et al) have chosen him as the One (remember how the Oracle tried to stop Neo from thinking he was the one at first? now he’s proven to be a threat so they’ll entrap him instead of discouraging him).

– Second, the Architect gave Neo a false choice. He told him to go to the Source, allegedly to repopulate Zion and keep the enslaved humans alive, the real reason for wanting Neo to go to the Source was so the Source could study him — and further decrease the rate of anomolies as they are truly dangerous to the matrix (the Architect said they only had “some measure of control” over the integral anomoly) — and then kill him.

– Third, the Architect told Neo that if he tried to save Zion, the matrix would BSOD and all humans would die. Neo saw through this lie and realized that ultimately the only way to save the human race from the matrix was for him to go left and save zion and continue the fight to free humans. Remember that the system did *not* crash when he went through the left door. (Also interesting is that the Architect recognized Neo’s emotion as love vs. the prior 5 integral anomolies’ logical reactions. This must be significant. Maybe Neo recognized that the people needed to be free of the matrix in order to really live)

My guess is that in revolutions, Neo will continue to see through the lies of the Architect and the Oracle, continue the fight, find a way out of the “real world” matrix, and free the entire human race (I guess that might be obvious).

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