We went wakeboarding and tubing…


We went wakeboarding and tubing on Saturday for the first time in a long while. It was buckets of fun. Guys, I hope I’ll get some pictures for you here soon (read: within the next few months). I’d also like to post the video of the tow rope snapping and nailing Tim in the belly-button. Yes, it is funny now :-).

In child news, G’s latest thing is saying “Yeah baby!” He’s 3! If you’re reading this and are the responsible party, please tell me who you are so I can give you credit :-). Then, on Saturday we didn’t have any hot dog or hamburger buns so G said “Dad, what are we going to use for our hamburgers?” I said we’d toast some bread and use that. G said “Dad! You’re a genius!” He cracks me up!

Since I wrote about redundant initialisms, I heard one on the radio that tops the two letter offenders at 3 letters and 100% redundancy….’ELS Escort Limousine Service’.

And finally, more products of marketing geniuses that just make one wonder what the world is coming to.

Seen at Target on a product display: ‘Color coated assembly…’

Seen on a package of vegetables at home: ‘…high tech packaging to insure the freshest vegetables.’