We saw a movie last…


We saw a movie last night so you get to read the review: Second Hand Lions was a surprisingly light-hearted look at the personalities of those who give life all they’ve got and the beliefs that motivate them. The movie didn’t make one overexert one’s brain but gave plenty of opportunities to laugh and never got oversentimental. If you’ve seen it an are therefore familiar with the plot, you’ll know that’s pretty rare with similar plots. So kudos to the writers.

Possibly more interesting was the experience of seeing an 8:45pm movie on a Monday night. C and I happened to be the only 2 in the theatre so we got a private screening at the regular price which was free since we had fun tickets. And it was worth it too mostly. When the show was over and we exited the theatre it was deserted. Deserted as in we could have gone up and started up another flick and got two shows for the price of one, which I already mentioned was free.

The moral of the story: I recommend Second Hand Lions and seeing movies on Monday nights after eight.