The week has been difficult…

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The week has been difficult for our snowmen 🙁 but the warmer weather isn’t unwanted. So as the old saw says, March is in like a lamb and will be out like a lion. Just wait and see.

We went to see The Passion of the Christ last night. Very moving. I wonder if all the hype changes people’s experience too much. The art value of the film completely matched my expectation which is good because my expectation was so high but as I watched I thought more than once about whether I was having the “correct” emotional reaction. And I don’t enjoy thinking that way. So a body needs to experience a thing for himself and that’s what I decided to do. The thing that touched me most was when Jesus said something like “You have no power over me except what is given to you from my Father,” or “No man takes my life, I lay it down on my own.” It’s incomprehensible.