I was talking with some…


I was talking with some friends last night about dead English that we are trying to bring back. We decided that one can’t resuscitate a phrase on his own. He wants help. And he wants to keep his list small so he can grow skillful with one phrase before adding another.

Hence, if you’re wont to freshen your environs with flowerier words, herewith we offer a current listing:

– “Copasetic” 1

– “Ahoy! Hoy!” 2

– “How do you do?”

– “Not at all” and “The pleasure is mine.”

– “Forthwith” and “Straightaway”

– “Cola” 4

Remember, you can make a difference!

1Last night I found out that ZH and I have both been using “Copasetic” for some time. Nice!

2This is the telephone greeting endorsed by Alexander Graham Bell. I have nothing against Edison (who endorsed “Hello!”), I just like “Ahoy! Hoy!”

4This one is brand new. Last night AW ordered “Cola” instead of Coke. I found it terrifically humourous, so I appended “Cola” to my list forthwith.