It seems I’m getting sporadic…


It seems I’m getting sporadic flak for my comments about dreams. It could mean that we’re all deluded or that I’m all wrong. But let me sidestep the issue for the present by including a more complete quotation of Mary Darling. She said (my paraphrase), “Your father placed many of his dreams in a drawer in order to provide for his family. He takes them out from time to time to look at them.” She seems to imply that he hasn’t given up on them completely, he hasn’t forgotten them, indeed he might take them up again some day.

I still contend:

1. A man gives up his dreams in order to love his family. That’s what love is.

2. Chasing your dreams is not the chief end of life.

Perhaps a more accurate thing to say would be that when one gives up control of his life (to Jesus or perhaps to a wife), he is given a new set of dreams. Now his satisfaction is derived from serving others.