Okay, so I finally got around to watching Gattaca. I’ve heard only that it was a good film but nothing else for some time now. Last time L visited, he told me what the story was about and that I should see it. C was pretty tired on Thursday and I wasn’t. So after she went to bed, I ran down to the local Blockbuster video and rented Gattaca.

I’m not a movie critic but to my tastes, it was more than just a good film. It had a solid moral premise that made the story twice as strong. The writer used the power of suggestion to let the viewer process the issues he raised while immersing himself in, experiencing, feeling the story along with the characters.

I really enjoyed the score of this movie. Standing out was the “concerto for twelve fingers”. 🙂 Since the message of the story is so timely, I positively recommend this movie for viewing.